Continuous Reflection

is the best way

to Improve

Want to boost your Continuous Improvement ?

Probably you or your employees are working very hard to deliver on time with the highest quality and although you could speak of a team you have the feeling that still things could be improved.

Every professional should continuously reflect and improve their current way of working.

Our solution helps you to automate, make use of standards and measure your way of work with all the necessary support for your employees.

Reflect could be used by every individual, team and company.

Crystal Clear Insights - Dashboard Reporting

From little to no transparency on your improvements to realtime insights on how your teams are doing, compare them or even benchmark with competitors.

One World - Scalability

From a situation with high complexity on alignment of teams and approaches and a dependency on coaches towards a simplified and fully automated approach for virtual and non-co-located teams.

True North - Single Source & Uniformity

Rather than having all your coaches preaching their own truth to a situation where you hardly need coaches and have a uniform approach

Who are we ? 

Arno Delhij, has as founder of Humanz already more than 20 years of experience with coaching, training and consulting. With a focus on Agile leadership and e.g. knowledge as NLP Master practitioner and trainer he knows what is necessary to continuous improve.   

Elgert Verhoef, has as founder of MCSV also more than 20 years of experience with programs, coaching and consulting. With a focus on Agile transformation and e.g. as int. (e)-Coach practitioner he knows how to combine Business and IT into a high performance DevOps team. 

Want to know more?

If you want to know what people say about the most important Agile events, download our free of charge Retrospective survey 2019.


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